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July 2015

Testing with my Bitstrip


What a day! by the Three Thinking Thugs

Five Card Story: What a day!!

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What a day! I woke up fitful and decided to go for a walk before anyone else rose. I found an as yet unexplored path through the woods. I could hear birds singing, leaves rustling and a gentle tingling sound. I rounded the corner and found myself at an old-fashioned steam train. How had I gotten there? Magic?
I boarded the train without knowing where it was headed. The fumes from the coal made me heady as we zipped through the countryside. I closed my eyes for but a moment and found myself at the ocean!! Say what?!? I walked along the shoreline and imagined being there with my future love, walking hand in hand as we talked.
I startled awake to find that I was still in the woods with moss as my pillow and the birds singing me lullabies. I was transported to my childhood and my favourite park where I always went for Sunday walks with my parents. There was a beautiful fountain that I loved to play in.
“I will always remember this magical day,” I thought as I walked home with a sparkle in my eye and a smile on my face.

Assessment of/for/as learning by Victoria

I watched the videos by Dylan William and found them succinct and easy to follow. I agree wholeheartedly with what he’s saying about assessment for learning and self- and peer-assessments being critical to real learning but must admit to struggling on how to implement all these ideas in rotary Core French where conferencing can be difficult in our short time frames and where students are more dependent on teacher support. Any advice and suggestions to implement this effectively would be greatly appreciated.

I intend to use Kahoot, for one, as an assessment tool to give students a fun and non-threatening way to show me their learning so I can re-evaluate my lessons as I go along. I will need to perfect my strategies and tools for peer and self-assessing as it seems that too many students feel like that they have nothing helpful to add in French and the strategy becomes less than effective for all but the top level students. I noticed possibilities for feedback on tools that assess written skills (such as Bitstrips) but, are there any tools that would work for the oral skills and allow feedback on pronunciation, accent and fluency skills? The ability to give and receive that kind of peer feedback anonymously would be invaluable (perhaps blogging as a student is presenting for immediate feedback?)

Thanks for reading.

What I learned today…. Monday….hmmm…..

Paris picture

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Hello classmates,

Today highlighted to me the confusion that some of my students must sometimes feel when life and class are throwing a thousand things a minute at them!! I learned more than I could process in the time we had. I liked the app “PicCollage” presentation as I might be able to find a way to use it in my French classes. Here is a link to try it out:

And now I’m done! (I hope I remember how I did it… hee, hee…)

Happy Monday evening my new friends.

My First Week as a computer student

My first week as a Computer AQ student has been exciting and, at times, overwhelming. I have met some great people and enjoyed learning and joking with them.

We have learned many new app’s and programs, evaluated them along with policies, regulations and guidelines that govern the learning with these tools.

As I worked on my first assignment last night, with my daughter’s assistance, I needed to review the app’s we had worked on to remember what each of them did and which best served my presentation purposes. It was good consolidation! I chose to use the new-to-me Padlet app. My daughter and I had a great time making different “Tellagamy” videos which I enjoyed sharing with the class. After the presentation, I was happy to learn that I had actually over-shot the assignment and did almost as much work as I need to do on the larger web assignment which now seems far less intimidating.

I am excited to learn about more as our time together continues. And I am enjoying stretching my brain around concepts that can sometimes overwhelm me quite quickly. I know this will help me navigate through all these new ideas more easily in the future.

I am working hard to discover which tools I will be able to effectively apply in my Core French classes and look forward to my classmates’ presentations so that I am introduced to new app’s and sites. I hope to use this information to investigate and evaluate lots of new tools in a short time-frame that I would be unable to do all on my own. Thank you everyone!! 😀

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you all on Monday.

Enjoy the song…….

Hello world!

This is my very first post and I’m going to see if it is working…….

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