resources tree

The resources I’ve chosen to share come from various types of on-line sites and offer further avenues to explore after reading the initial article or post.

  1. The following article discusses how one project could have totally different results depending upon how it is introduced. Project-based learning offers avenues for greater student engagement and learning that lasts a lifetime. As you further explore the website, there are many suggests for further readings and further learning.

2. Similarly, this blog from webpress challenges your ideas about learning and also propses a Project-based learning style. The writer also offers further suggestions to develop the ideas she has begun exploring in this post.

3. My last suggestion is more French Teacher specific. It is a closed group on Facebook called Ontario French Teachers. The teachers on this page share resources, ideas, knowledge, personal experiences and provide a place to vent frustrations and celebrate successes. I have gained more ideas than I can possibly implement.